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Your Voice. Your Advocate.

Governmental affairs doesn't have to be intimidating. Allow our experts to navigate the complexities in public policy. We can assist in governmental affairs, legislative tracking & monitoring, bill drafting, administrative rule making, procurement, and much more. 

Legislative Action

Coffman Collaborative is a full-service firm providing you the most advance knowledge of the legislative process during and outside session. We provide comprehensive monthly reports, real-time updates, support message development, organize bill tracking, establish legislative relationships and more. 

Administrative Support

Our relationships extend past the legislative branch and we can provide you the direction in agency and administrative assistance. Whether it's more clarity on the state economic tax incentives or a better understanding of rule requirements, we can connect you to find the answers. 


From automotive components to chemicals, we know the manufacturing industry better than anyone. Representing some of West Virginia's largest employers, we can create an engagement plan to educate policymakers on your operations, employees, products, environmental regulation and logistics



West Virginia's energy portfolio is growing and we understand the needs of large industrial users and those providing the industry. Our clients have invested in solar and wind and we have helped monitor and engage in the growing landscape of policy for West Virginia companies to have a diversified energy portfolio.



As an employer, you need a strong and retained workforce. We work with you to communicate the needs of your workforce, how to maintain your employee pipeline strength, and work with policymakers to create education policy to support the job demand. 



From video game development to software solutions,  we represent the technology industry on data privacy, copyright, development, software development and other issues. 



We have been successful in reduce our client's carbon footprint and logistics impact with proactive policy changes. Whether it's domestic or international shipping, we can assist your needs. 

Who We Represent

Chemical Manufacturing Industry lobbyist in West Virginia
Lobbyist for the Chemical Manufacturing Industry
Technology Lobbyist in West Virginia
Manufacturing Governmental Affairs
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Let's Work Together

Call us at 304-549-8991 or email us at to learn more about our services.

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